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K. Sterling - book author

K. Sterling is the author of books: Hide and Keep (Boys of Lake Cliff, #1), Pushing Reset, Building Heat, Courage in Love, Safe and Sound (Boys of Lake Cliff, #2), Spark and Flame (Boys of Lake Cliff, #3), Under the Stars, The Shop Downstairs, The Perfect Mess, Playing the Hero

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Detective Lane West doesn't do Complicated. Especially when it comes to his personal life.

Dr. Aiden Sharp is Complicated. Complicated in ways that Lane can barely get his mind around when he's forced to babysit Aiden as a favor for the District Attorney.

After that, things get very Complicated.
Brandon Leeds is a nerd. Growing up, he only had one friend and spent his teenage years building a software company that made him a millionaire in his early twenties. Despite his success and being what anyone would refer to as a hot nerd, Brandon found himself in a catastrophic marriage that resulted in him being a single father.

Jude Strickland is Brandon's only friend. He's also the exact opposite of Brandon. Musically gifted, charming, popular, easygoing, stylish and strikingly handsome, Jude could have any woman he wanted. Which was moot because Jude wasn't into women. At night, he was having more than his share of luck with men and was content living quietly with Brandon, helping him raise his young son, Noah.

A bad party, a few too many drinks, an argument and an insane offer turn their comfortable lives inside out and challenges everything they know about themselves and each other.
It started with a hookup app…

Parker Hill was starting over. Still coping with a tough breakup and adjusting to his new life, Parker decided to throw caution to the wind and give Grindr a try.

Expecting a relaxing evening drinking with friends, Ross Kingston is horrified when he discovers he’s been put on Grindr and is moments away from his first hookup.

No one could have imagined what would happen next…

Parker let his fingernails drag down Ross’ thigh. Ross shifted in his seat and Parker heard a very weak groan rattle in Ross’ throat. He swallowed loudly before he took a long sip of beer.
“If you keep that up, I’m going to have to find an excuse to carry this table out of the restaurant when we leave.” Ross murmured. Parker wasn’t sure what had gotten into him but his hand glided slowly back up Ross’ thigh. Ross’ eyes got wider, the closer Parker’s hand got to his erection and they looked like they might fall out of his head when Parker wrapped his hand around the bulge in Ross’ trousers. “Please don’t make me have to orchestrate an accident to cover a stain on the front of my pants.” He whispered and Parker felt his own getting tighter.
“I’m sure it would take a lot more than this.” Parker said under his breath as his hand slid up and down Ross’ length. Ross swallowed and shook his head.
“With you? Not really.” He admitted and Parker stifled a shiver of excitement. “If you don’t behave, we won’t make it through dinner.” Ross warned.
“You know, you didn’t have to take me out. I would have given it up.” Parker teased and Ross narrowed his eyes at him.
“I’m hoping you’re not just pretty and easy.” He murmured. Parker’s jaw fell and Ross laughed as he leaned close. His lips brushed against Parker’s ear and he suddenly felt overdressed as heat swept through him. “I like that you’re easy but I want to learn more about you. And your voice makes my cock hurt.” Ross’ eyes were dark and deep when they found Parker’s. “Talk to me, Parker. You could tell me just about anything and I won’t be able to stop thinking about getting you naked."
Aiden and Lane have enjoyed five years of clothing optional bliss when a quiet evening at home is interrupted by an unexpected guest. An intruder and an attack have Aiden and Lane examining their relationship and their future and an arson investigation takes its toll on Aiden.
K. Sterling invites you to return to Lake Cliff and catch up with Aiden and Lane in this sequel to Hide And Keep that picks up where Safe And Sound ended.

Aiden and Lane are seven years into their Happily Ever After when Aiden begins to question the strength of their marriage. Gavin Langley and his obsession with Aiden tests Lane in unexpected ways and puts their marriage under media and public scrutiny.
Dr. Noah Claridge could charm the stripes off a tiger. He's dazzlingly handsome, intelligent, kind, British and loves to laugh at everything, especially himself. He's perfect. Unfortunately, the love of his life is in love with someone else. Desperate to avoid sympathy and starting over, Noah goes on their romantic holiday alone, hoping to quietly drown his sorrows in wine for two weeks.
Everyone knows Jackson Carter is the sweetest, shyest, gentlest man in Waterloo Falls. But no one actually knows Jackson because the words get tied up before he can find them and he blushes like a girl whenever the wind blows. Which is absurd and unfortunate for a man of his size and strength. So, Jackson quietly rents out his lake house to people with the types of lives he dreams of.
Fate works in mysterious ways. It can bring together two people who are so perfectly matched, they're made for each other. Or, it can have a twisted sense of humor and put the last person you want to meet in your path and trick you into falling in love.
Cooper Greer has had it with fate and men. He's content to spend his days running people out of his store and secretly writing books as Brent Shore. The only thing more irritating than the occasional customer is his rival, Thorn Majors.
Liam Kendall lives a charmed life. He's handsome, smart, funny and wealthy. He's also Thorn Majors and enjoys touring the country to promote his books. He especially enjoys popping into quaint bookstores and his Twitter feud with his favorite competitor.
A fateful encounter in what just barely qualifies as a bookstore turns Cooper's world upside down, much to Liam's surprise and delight. Can love blossom in a dark, dingy bookshop between rival authors? If so, will it be strong enough to overcome a lifetime of fears and secrets?

Landon Bright was two months away from a new job in a new city when an encounter with an old friend changes everything. Despite common sense telling him it's a bad idea, Landon gives in and goes on a blind date.

Ben Marshall is completely over men and dating but gives in when his sister's boyfriend insists he has the perfect guy for Ben and agrees to be set up. Not only is Landon the perfect guy, but Ben has the best night of his life. The only fault he can find is that Landon is moving in a few months.

For a moment, Landon was sure Ben was going to kiss him and he tilted his head forward as he held his breath. There was a soft clink on the counter and Landon had to blink several times to get his eyes to focus. He pulled them away from Ben’s lips and the bartender gestured at their drinks.
“Want to get a table?” Ben asked. His voice had gone deep and smokey and Landon nodded as he reached for their glasses and handed one to Ben.
“Definitely,” he said then waved toward the booths across the room. Ben turned and Landon’s eyes fell to Ben’s ass as he followed and he wondered if it was too soon to offer his face as a seat. Jesus, slow down! He scolded as they reached the table. Landon watched as Ben sat then quickly scooted onto the bench next to him before he had a chance to overthink it. “I hope you don’t mind,” he said as he stretched his arm along the back of the seat behind Ben’s shoulders. Ben smiled as he shook his head.
“Not at all,” Ben murmured as he turned sideways so he could face Landon. “I hate when you have to talk loud or strain to hear someone and this place looks like it could get really busy later,” he replied and Landon smiled as he raised his glass and sipped. He swallowed and took a deep breath and Ben’s soft scent made Landon dizzy. He smelled rich and warm, like sandalwood, vanilla and fabric softener. Landon leaned closer and inhaled again.
“You smell incredible, I can’t get enough of it,” he admitted and Ben choked on his drink. Landon scrubbed his hand over his eyes and swore under his breath. “I’m sorry. I don’t know why I’m coming on so strong. I’m nervous and out of practice. And I wasn’t prepared for you to be so…” His voice died when Ben’s hand wrapped around his thigh. “Hot,” Landon whispered hoarsely as heat washed over him. Ben chuckled as his head tilted forward.
“I like it.” Ben’s breath was warm and a sweet blend of whiskey and mint against Landon’s lips. “I’m a lot more nervous than I expected too,” he admitted and the heat spilled lower and pooled in Landon’s groin. Landon’s heart beat hard against his ribs and his eyes felt heavy as his lips tingled. It was taking every ounce of strength he had not to press them against Ben’s. He swallowed past the knot in his throat then coughed softly to clear it.
“Could we maybe…” Landon licked his lips and Ben’s parted. “I think it would be a lot easier for me to concentrate if we got the first one over with,” he murmured.
“The first what?” Ben asked quietly as his hand tightened around Landon’s thigh.
“Kiss,” Landon breathed and Ben’s head nodded faintly as it lowered.
The first brush of their lips was gentle and tentative. Landon gasped as the lush softness and warmth of Ben’s lips sent a ripple of giddiness through him. Ben exhaled and Landon could taste it. He moaned as he angled his head and pressed his lips firmly against Ben’s as his tongue slid into the sweetness of Ben’s mouth.
Carter Whitney gave up on men and dating. He'd been burned so many times and in the worst ways. After four years of successful celibacy, Carter thought he could resist the charming and insanely hot doctor from the grocery store.

Reid Randolph is the charming and insanely hot doctor from the grocery store. He wants Carter. Bad. And when Reid wants something, he doesn't let anything get in his way.

“You’re wrong. I’m not perfect and you aren’t normal. If you want, we can go back to my place and I’ll show you just how much a guy like me can go for a guy like you.” Reid winked and Carter’s heart was out of control as Reid grabbed the front of his t-shirt. “I am romantic, intelligent and decent but sometimes, I look at you and all of that goes out the window. I’m trying really hard to be those things because that’s what you deserve.” His lips hovered against Carter’s and the taste of hot mint teased Carter’s tongue. “Right now, I’m feeling pretty indecent and what I want to do to you has very little to do with romance.” Reid murmured and Carter swallowed as need slammed into him, his skin tingled and itched as the desire to feel every part of his body pressed against Reid’s overwhelmed him. He angled his head forward so that his lips brushed against Reid’s.

“Why are you telling me this now, while we’re parked in front of a handful of people eating breakfast?” His voice was gravelly as his hand wrapped around Reid’s thigh. He felt Reid’s smile against his lips.

“Because I don’t want to hear any more of this nonsense about me being out of your league or you being average or normal. Because the way I want you isn’t average or normal.” Reid angled his head and his tongue slipped between Carter’s lips and teased Carter’s for a moment before he raised his head. “Got it?” He waited until Carter nodded. “Great. Let’s go, I want waffles.” Reid announced as he released Carter’s shirt and got out of the car. Sadie followed, leaving Carter to stare, stunned and blinking until Reid tapped on the window.

The waffles were good. Probably. Carter was so rattled by Reid’s declaration that he could have eaten a bowl of dryer lint and he wouldn’t have noticed. He kept staring at Reid’s lips and his mind was stuck on the whole “…what I want to do to you has very little to do with romance.” thing. Carter was so tempted to ask what Reid had in mind and see if they could go back to his place. Carter was a lot of things but stupid wasn’t one of them. When a man like Reid told you he wanted to do indecent things with you, by God, you did them.