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Charlotte Byrd - book author

Charlotte Byrd is the bestselling author of numerous contemporary romance novels. She lives in Southern California with her husband, son, and a crazy toy Australian Shepherd. She loves dark books, hot weather and crystal blue waters.

BLACK EDGE Series (5 books!)

Mr. Black bought me at a secret auction on his yacht. I’ve never done anything like this before. What happens when one night isn’t enough?

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Charlotte Byrd is the author of books: Black Edge (Black Edge, #1), Black Rules (Black Edge, #2), Black Bounds (Black Edge, #3), Tangled Up in Ice (Tangled #1), Black Contract (Black Edge, #4), Black Limit (Black Edge, #5), Tell Me to Stop (Tell Me #1), Tangled up in Pain (Tangled #2), Auctioned to Him (Auctioned to Him #1), House of York (House of York, #1)

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I don’t belong here.

I’m in way over my head. But I have debts to pay.

They call my name. The spotlight is on. The auction starts.

Mr. Black is the highest bidder. He’s dark, rich, and powerful. He likes to play games.

The only rule is there are no rules.

But it’s just one night. What’s the worst that can happen?

BLACK EDGE Series Reading Order

1. Black Edge
2. Black Rules
3. Black Bounds
4. Black Contract
5. Black Limit

*Beware of spoilers in the reviews below that are without spoiler alerts*
**The Black Edge series are full-length, volume sets of the His to Take series with print editions.**
We don’t belong together.

I should have never seen him again after our first night together. But I crave him.

I’m addicted to him. He is my dark pleasure.

Mr. Black is Aiden. Aiden is Mr. Black. Two sides of the same person.

Aiden is kind and sweet. Mr. Black is demanding and rule-oriented.

When he invites me back to his yacht, I can’t say no.

Another auction. Another bid.

I’m supposed to be his. But then everything goes wrong….

Black Edge Series Reading Order

1. Black Edge
2. Black Rules
3. Black Bounds
4. Black Contract
5. Black Limit
I don’t belong with her.

Born into darkness, life made me a cynic incapable of love.

But then Ellie waltzed in. Innocent, optimistic, kind.

She’s the opposite of what I deserve.

I bought her, but she she stole my heart.

Now my business is going up in flames.

I have only one chance to make it right.

That’s where it happens…something I can never take back.

I don’t cheat on her. There’s no one else.

It’s worse than that. Much worse.

Can we survive this?

BLACK EDGE Series Reading Order

1. Black Edge
2. Black Rules
3. Black Bounds
4. Black Contract
5. Black Limit
I have debts to pay and secrets to keep. When someone threatens my life, I crash into him: Jackson Ludlow

The recluse billionaire of New York

Once, he had everything a man could want. Then, he lost the only thing that he ever loved.

So, he spent four years holed up in his mansion doing the only thing he knew how to do: make money.

We are all wrong for each other. He’s cold, uninterested and demanding.
I’m impatient and inexperienced.

The only thing we have in common is that we both have secrets.
And the closer we get, the more they threaten to destroy us.
They can take everything from me, but they can’t take her.

Mr. Black is coming back. With a vengeance.

“I need you to sign a contract.”

“What kind of contract?”

“A contract that will make you mine.”

This time she’s going to do everything...

BLACK EDGE Series Reading Order

1. Black Edge
2. Black Rules
3. Black Bounds
4. Black Contract
5. Black Limit
Is this the end of us?

I found a woman I can’t live without.

We’ve been through so much. We’ve had our set backs. But our love is stronger than ever.

We are survivors.

But when they take her from me at the altar, right before she is to become my wife, everything breaks.

I will do anything to free her. I will do anything to make her mine for good.

But is that enough? And what if it's not?

Black Edge Series Reading Order

1. Black Edge
2. Black Rules
3. Black Bounds
4. Black Contract
5. Black Limit
I received a check for the exact amount of my student loans: $167,699.

Now, I owe a debt to someone who is even more powerful than the US Government. But I can’t pay him back with money.

He wants something else: me. For a year.

That’s 365 nights that I have to do everything that he wants.

But I don’t even know who he is…
I had debts to pay and he offered me a position I couldn’t turn down. But suddenly, I need more.

Jackson is beautiful and wealthy, but also damaged and alone.

He thinks he is the only one with secrets, but he’s wrong.

I have demeans of my own, and they are coming for me. that haunt me, demeans that are coming for me.

Everything comes at a price, and what if this one is too high even for him to pay?

Alternate Cover Edition of ASIN B073BKK1XY.

It was just supposed to be a luxurious yacht party. Until Ellie discovered that all the female guests were going to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. If you don't want to play, you can’t stay. But if you stay, you're in for a night of whatever he wants and you get to keep all the money. Ellie’s friend thinks she’s crazy. But she owes $150,000 in school loans. Plus, the guys are hot and very rich.

What can go wrong?

Mr. Black wanted to own her from the minute he saw her. He paid good money and has the paper to prove it. The contract is unbreakable. She has to do everything he wants tonight. But he doesn’t want just sex. Oh no…he wants more.

Tonight, there are no rules.

WARNING: This is a HOT, modern day, dark erotic romance with an alpha billionaire for fans of EL James, Pepper Winters, and Alexa Riley. It contains light bondage, NO CHEATING, and a HEA.

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Taken and imprisoned, I become a captive after a date goes horribly wrong. I will do anything to escape.

Easton Bay, a dangerous billionaire, is supposed to be my enemy, but he risks everything to help me. He is my beacon of light in this place of darkness.

I take a deep breath. It's my turn to be shown.

What happens when his protection is no longer enough?

HOUSE OF YORK Series Reading Order

1. House of York
2. Crown of York
3. Throne of York
4. Empire of York
5. Demise of York