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Michelle Dorey - book author

Michelle Dorey is the author of books: Crawley House (The Hauntings of Kingston #1), Heritage, Forsaken, Legacy, The Ouija Conjuring, Haunted Inn (The Hauntings of Kingston #2), Ascendant, Haunted Hideout, Haunted Gathering, The Ghosts of Centre St. (The Hauntings of Kingston #3)

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Each tale of The Hauntings of Kingston is a standalone novel that takes place in the enigmatic city of Kingston, Ontario.
Her chance at a new life is going to kill her.

When Gillian and her family move into the old house on Harvest Street, it's too good to be true. The rent's dirt cheap, and it's right next door to the University she’s going to be attending. With her recently widowed mother on board, there’s a ready and willing babysitter for her five year old daughter Sarah.
Who could ask for anything more?

When Gillian’s mother Maureen discovers a family connection to the house they see it as Providence. They’re meant to live here!

But then… odd things start to happen.
Sarah loves the swing in the backyard and her new friends—twin girls only she can see. The odd becomes foreboding when Nana Maureen can’t sleep in her room. She’s constantly woken up by creaking floors, nightmares of being strangled, and the smell of rotting flesh.

The family has always been loving and close, but now the atmosphere between them is tense. Small disagreements explode into rage.

What on earth is happening to them?

They don't know about the evil that descended upon the house. How, almost a century ago, dashed dreams rose again into a rage— a murderous rage. A rage that still breathes in the very walls of this home.

This is how it began and how it will end. At Crawley House.
It’s a dream job until it becomes a nightmare.

A few months ago, Keira was an aimless 23 year old, but her Nana changed all that. She’s inherited her grandmother’s psychic gifts as well as a massive fortune. But there’s a catch. She must carry on the work of shepherding lost souls to the next plane of existence. The order of the universe depends on her transitioning spirits through the veil.

It can be dangerous and scary as hell but so far, so good. She travels the world in style having spooky escapades with her best friend Gwen at her side. Sure, there are some close calls, but nothing these two women can’t handle.

That is, until the ugly part of Keira’s family rears its head.

Her grandfather has evil plans of his own, and come hell or high water, she’s going to help him.
Her choice—join forces with him or forfeit the lives of everyone she cares for. The man is unhinged, and will die to achieve his ends.
Or kill.

The stakes of her Heritage have become very dangerous, very quickly.
Enough is enough...

Keira and her best friend Gwen tackle even more foreboding ghosts in their mission to maintain the integrity of The Veil. Some souls are confused, some are angry, and some are trapped in this realm. It’s a daunting responsibility, and has become her life’s work. If the spirits of the dead do not move on, the very fabric of the universe is threatened.

But now a greater threat has returned. A demented enemy wants to not only stop Keira’s work, he wants to destroy The Veil. When it crumbles, he will ascend to unfathomable power. Unable to accomplish this alone, he’ll stop at nothing to conscript her in his quest.

Her new life, and the lives of those she loves are at stake. She has to face her enemy and bring an end to his insane plan. She dares not risk her loved ones again. Her own powers have flourished; she can do this. She has no choice but go it alone.
In her decision, she finds herself forsaken.
Keira Swanson is flunking out of school...again. She’s flitted like a butterfly from one college program to another. The only thing she’s ever finished has been the last call at dance clubs.

Everything changes in a New York minute when her parents decide it’s time for tough love and cut her off. No more credit cards, no more cash allowance and OMG they cancelled her apartment’s lease. On top of all that, she’s banished to her grandmother’s. A grandmother she never knew existed.

Her grandmother is batty as hell—Pamela York lives in an antiquated manor, dresses for dinner like she’s the Queen of England and makes crazy talk about ghosts.

Ghosts? As. If.
Keira’s about to learn a few things. Haunted houses do exist and she’s living in one. Pamela isn’t psychotic; she’s a powerful psychic whose lifework has been assisting reluctant spirits pass through The Veil to a higher plane.

When Keira discovers she has a lot more in common with the old woman than she ever imagined, her real education begins.
But it’s not just reluctant spirits Pamela has had to contend with. There also exist malevolent forces; paranormal entities that crave the chaos of a Veil torn asunder. Keira finds out not only are ghosts real— so are demons.
Uh oh.

A supernatural thriller with danger and magic.
“It’s a stupid game, and it’s all fake, Maya!”
When Ashley found the Ouija board in the attic of their new home she wasn’t interested. But her kid sister Maya was, and who could blame her? Two years earlier, the last thing Maya said to Mom was ‘I hate you!’. Even when she was just 11, the kid had a temper.
For the last two years, Maya’s carried that burden, because both Mom and Dad were killed that terrible, terrible night.
Sure, it won’t work; but maybe Ashley can fake it and Maya can get some peace.
But…it DOES work. Both Mom and Dad came through!

…and so does something else.
Something angry.
Something hateful.
Something dead…
Let the games begin…

“A fresh new take on Ouija horror”

Bonus edition: Also included with this book is 'Crawley House', my full length Debut Novel!

Alternate cover edition for ASIN B07BP1ZLF2
Each tale of The Hauntings of Kingston is a standalone novel with new characters that takes place in the enigmatic city of Kingston, Ontario.
They have the chance of a lifetime...
Tim and Brad have been best friends for years. They were college roommates and now share an apartment. They even share the predicament of being trapped in dead end jobs.

When a flash of inspiration strikes, they decide to open up a bed and breakfast. But their establishment is going to have a twist. They’re going to open ‘The Haunted Inn’. All the guys need to do is find a creepy old mansion, create some scary special effects and watch the money roll in. They hit the jackpot when they find a place with its own macabre history.

The chilly spot in the parlor? Bonus! The feeling of dread throughout the bedrooms? Yippee! When Sophie, Brad’s lover gives a dire warning, they take it as a seal of approval! Brad and Tim are rationalists. They’re going to be able to charge a premium from people who buy into superstitions and phony religion. This place is going to make them a fortune!

Besides, if there are any apparitions or ghostly appearances, they’ll be quite able to handle them. When you get right down to it, ghosts are a figment of the imagination.
It’s the dream of a lifetime!
Or is it a deadly nightmare?
Hard as hell was just the beginning…
Keira Swanson’s life has undergone enormous changes. From a shaky start of being a spoiled rotten trust fund beeyotch, she now she risks her very life for dead people. Yes, helping the dead move on can get you killed.
Things are about to get harder.

Her feud with Cora Gaines and the enigmatic Illuminata for custody of Esther is about to get thrown under the bus. There are now bigger stakes than Keira’s desire to become a mentor to a fourteen-year-old girl.

Without warning, she learns that the world is on the brink of annihilation; and the only person who stands a chance of preventing this is her.

Seriously? Umm… pretty much.
She has to draw on all of her abilities, lean on support from her loved ones, and turn enemies into allies for even a slim chance to pull this off.

Time is running out—fast! She’s not nearly as powerful as she needs to be. The harder she tries, the greater the cost she bears.

When new adversaries appear with a global reach and web of influence that’s ominous, she’s derailed.

To make matters worse, trusted friends become treacherous enemies. Facing her biggest challenge yet, Keira learns that the truth can break your heart. It’s the end of everything she’s ever known.

Ascendant is the final dynamic installment in The Mystical Veil, a series of New Adult paranormal suspense novels. If you like thrilling supernatural encounters, light-hearted humor, and twists you won’t see coming, then you’ll love Michelle Dorey’s otherworldly tale.
Buy Ascendant to defy the boundaries between life and death today!
Ghostly terror awaits in the so called ‘safe house’.
They didn’t know it was the last day of normal. Liam—husband, father—the rock who anchored them in a comfortable life in sunny Miami had been gunned down by a hit man.

The wounds of losing him are raw when Lydia and her two children are snatched for their own protection. The FBI scoop the family into the Witness Protection Program. Their safety from the drug cartel is assured.

Or is it?

The FBI makes a serious mistake in the relocation plan. The secluded farmhouse in a northern state is anything but a sanctuary. No one questioned why they could buy the house so cheap. No one listened to the local yokel tale of what happened there.

A tale of a dark and tragic history. Ghosts of the past have abided there for years, forcing other families to flee for their lives. At first the entities toy with Lydia and her children, flickering the lights, banging doors, and revealing fleeting glimpses.

When a raging blizzard traps the family there, the haunting escalates. What had been frightening escapades become dangerous threats. Deadly threats. Years before there had been a massacre in this house. It’s time for another.
Will they survive the night?

Special Bonus
Legacy: The Mystical Veil
, a full length novel is included!

Alternate cover edition for ASIN B0791LXLR4
On their annual girls’ weekend three friends gather for a macabre reunion in this chilling tale of ghosts, hauntings and the occult.

Dara died almost a year ago, and her three closest surviving friends gather in accordance with her last wishes at Gabbinger’s Reach—a once abandoned resort she planned on restoring to opulence.
The derelict property has been decaying for decades. Cindy the career woman thinks this is stupid. Melanie, the flighty one is fascinated. Becky, now a therapist is curious—why would Dara want them here?
They’re enticed to stay by Dara’s Last Will and Testament. Each of them are promised riches, all they need to do is remain here for two nights.
When darkness descends on the first evening, they laugh off the sudden appearance of small gifts. They’re only a little startled by things crashing around in the kitchen. Someone’s trying to spook them; big freaking deal—Cindy brought a gun!
Their bravado is tested when they begin to uncover long-held secrets. Secrets about each another, secrets about Dara, and long-hidden secrets about the evil that infests the very walls of this place. Hungry evil relishing fresh victims.
At the same time their bonds of friendship are at the breaking point, the ravenous beast descends in a mighty fury. In a night of terror, they know they’ll never be the same. If they survive.
Dara didn’t.