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P.A. Glaspy is the author of books: When the Power Is Gone (A Powerless World #1), 15 Miles From Home (Perilous Miles #1), When the Peace Is Gone (A Powerless World #2), When the Pain is Gone (A Powerless World #3), 300 Miles (Perilous Miles #0.5), Another 20 Miles (Perilous Miles #2), Before the Power was Gone (Powerless World #0.5), 200 Miles To Liberty (Perilous Miles #3), Archie's Heart: A War Story, Freedom Isn't Free

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Russ and Anne Mathews live in a rural suburb in Tennessee. Regular people, with regular jobs, living a normal life - except for one thing. They are what many people call "preppers."

They have stocked up on supplies to survive any kind of event they can think of that may occur to disrupt life as they know it. When that event comes, they start preparing for the new way of life they will face. Along with their teenage son, and their next door neighbors and best friends, they plan their exit from a neighborhood too close to the city to a farm in the country. They just have to get there.

Their faith in their own capabilities and in humankind will be challenged, as they fight to protect and keep their supplies and, quite possibly, their lives.
They said it wasn't possible. It shouldn't have happened. Yet it did.

The world as they knew it was gone. Technology all but disappeared. Everything that defined their modern lives dead in one big flash. No more luxuries, only survival. Now if they can just figure out how to do that.

With a president hell-bent on taking their supplies and their liberties for his own agenda, the people of this once flourishing land will have to fight on all fronts for their very existence. Most of them don't know how to do that. They're going to have to learn. Fast.

Book 2 in the Perilous Miles Series by P.A. Glaspy. A different kind of prepper fiction. Continue the journey!
Russ and Anne Mathews made their escape from their home, along with family, friends, and new friends they made along the way. Now, they must build a new life for themselves at the Warren farm, without the luxury of electricity and very few traces of the 21st century.

The problem: there are a lot of people who didn’t prepare for something like this, and some of those people will stop at nothing to take what the group has, by whatever means necessary. They must protect the farm and their supplies day and night from those who would do them harm to acquire them.

These people are not soldiers. They are everyday people like you and me. They’re building a clan. How far will they have to go in order to secure the safety of the ones they love in their new home? What price will they pay in the process?
They thought they were safe, somewhat hidden from the world. They were wrong.

They thought they knew how to protect themselves and each other. They were wrong again.

In the blink of an eye, they lost people, good people, who were trying to help others. When the evil outside the farm finds its way in, how will they react? Will they hide themselves away, or join in the fight for survival and freedom? They’ve paid the ultimate price. How much more will this new way of life cost them?
Sequel to the powerless world series.

“My name is Anne Mathews. I'm a prepper. But I haven't always been. This is how it started.”
An EMP attack by North Korea has left most of the United States dark, cold, and in chaos.Major Damon Sorley is on a mission to bring the president-elect to Washington as quickly as possible. The road is full of peril, as people realize this won't be fixed anytime soon. But he's not alone. He and his fellow soldiers will have to make some tough decisions. Their lives will depend on it.Having lived in blissful ignorance of the darker side of human nature, the Marshalls and Chandlers are finding out quickly that no place is safe from the desperation of those who find themselves ill-prepared to face their new reality. They must learn new skill sets if they are to survive - whether they want to or not.Can a tyrannical president be stopped? Will people who have never had to defend themselves be able to learn how in time?Grab the next installment in the Perilous Miles series by P.A. Glaspy today!
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Soldiers, veterans, warriors and more are sprinkled throughout the stories and poems in this collection. Six authors come together to entertain you for a few hours while raising money for an organization devoted to the needs of our American Veterans. Please help us by ordering your copy today!