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Shaun Hutson - book author

British horror novelist, including horror and urban thriller novels.

His novella Slugs was made into a movie, although Hutson didn't like the movie. He also appeared in two horror movies himself.

Hutson is a Liverpool F.C. fan.

Shaun Hutson is the author of books: Slugs (Slugs, #1), Relics, Assassin, Spawn, Némesis, Breeding Ground (Slugs, #2), Erebus, Victims, Death Day, Renegades

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They slime, they ooze, they kill...

A novel of mind-shattering horror, and a new breed of slime-ridden, oozing slugs lurking in the waist-high grass, developing a taste for new things...for blood, for flesh...human flesh!
A series of murders in which the victims are horrifically mutilated is triggered by the archaeological discovery of a hidden chamber filled with the skulls of children. Investigations reveal the possibility of an even greater evil. The author's other novels include Shadows and Death Day.
London was in the grip of its bloodiest bout of gang warfare for two years. Into this world of corruption, violence, madness and death came the Assassin. The author also wrote "Death Day", "Spawn" and "Slugs".
An ex-mental patient, working as a hospital porter is reminded of his accidental killing of his baby brother years before, and he and an escaped convict, both disturbed, unleash a terror beyond belief.
Agosto de 1940: mientras los bombardeos de Hitler reducen Londres a escombros, el biólogo George Lawrenson está a punto de culminar su proyecto Géminis, un atrevido experimento de formación de una super raza para luchar contra el Reich. Pero las implicaciones son tan espantosas que Churchill en persona ordena la suspensión del proyecto y la destrucción de los datos sobre él.
Tiempo después, el matrimonio Hacket asiste a una profunda crisis en su relación, crisis causada por el salvaje asesinato de su hija. En un último esfuerzo por salvar la pareja, los Hacket se trasladan al pequeño pueblo de Hikston.
Pero Hikston tiene un secreto: una serie de horribles crímenes extiende el terror. Y cuando la señora Hacket acude al doctor Curtis en busca de una solución para poder tener otro hijo, un pasado y un presente perversos alumbrarán una nueva y horrible pesadilla.
Deep in the dirty sewers of London there is a Breeding Ground ...

The slugs have come back ... slowly... silently... they slither along dank, fetid tunnels into the city in search of human flesh. Their insatiable need knows no bounds.

But now they bring a new horror - a plague which spreads insanity and death, transforming its victims into grotesque, crazed killers.

Caught in this maelstrom of horror is Dr. Alan Finch - the only man capable of destroying the Breeding Ground forever...

Something is terribly wrong in Wakely. The townspeople's fingernails are abnormally long, and their faces are pale and gaunt. Some have noticed the growth of their canine teeth. At first they were terrified, but their terror turns to glee as they transform into beasts with a craving for human flesh.
Felix Castor returns in Mike Carey's second instalment of supernatural noir.
Immortality - the ultimate secret. David and Laura Callahan, like others before them throughout the ages, will stop at nothing in their perverted quest for it. But for Callahan, a multi-millionaire gun-runner, eternal life has never looked less likely: he is being hunted by two British counter-terrorists. And nobody knows who hired the killers - or why...

In a race against time, a trail of violence and terror leads from a desecrated church in France, to London, and on to strife-torn Ireland where modern terrorism battles against ancient powers and a terrible secret is revealed. A long-forgotten secret that will threaten the lives of those involved. And when the final confrontation comes, the living will envy the dead...