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Lulu Pratt - book author

Lulu Pratt is the author of books: Overlooked, Baby's First Christmas, Overprotected, Dear Santa, Making His Baby, Coach Me: A Bad Boy Romance, Auctioned, Claimed, Billionaire Neighbor, Best Jerk

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She's the closest thing I ever had to a sister.

Our parents are best friends and neighbors.
We were raised together.
But one look at her body in the window and I'm hard.
How did I never see her this way before?
Too bad she's forbidden fruit.
She doesn't deserve to be in my trail of one and done women.
Plus it would ruin 25 years of friendship between our parents.
But my body craves her.
The longer she stands in the window, the less I'm able to resist.
Screw it.
Before I leave, I'll give her a few good nights she'll never forget.

***A steamy STANDALONE contemporary romance with no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after.***
All I want for Christmas is what’s mine.

Holly’s my best friend’s little sister.
I’ve known her all my life.
She’s almost my little sister.
Except our parents hate each other.
Last year I came home from New York for Christmas and we crossed a line.
One night of drunken passion that I haven’t shaken from my head all year.
We haven’t seen or spoken since.
What better way to start my annual Christmas visit this year than to surprise her as her next massage client.
Turns out she has a surprise of her own.
A baby.
One with my eyes…
Enough with all of the secrets in our families.
I will claim Holly and my baby whatever the cost.
They think I’m going to protect her from the world but I’m the one she needs protecting from.
My best friend’s family is worried about their little girl going off to college.
They’ve sheltered Emma her whole life.
So I offer to let her stay with me while she gets settled and keep an eye on her.
But when Emma arrives, she’s not the geeky girl I remember.
Gone is that girl. Hello to the curviest piece of @$$ in town, and I want to take a bite.
Now I can't focus on anything with her around, and I keep telling myself I promised her brother I'd protect her.
Turns out all I want to do is corrupt her...
I’m snowed in with my neighbor for Christmas

Someone put a note under my door that says "Dear Santa, Sarah needs a man"
I ain’t no Santa but I’m happy to play along with whatever game is going on
Especially if my neighbor’s been a naughty girl this year
She needs a place to stay for the holidays, so I invite her to stay with me at my cabin in the woods
Now we’re snowed in here for Christmas
I’m entranced by her curves, but it’s her eyes that melt my icy soul
She’s definitely a good girl - one I plan to keep
The only thing I want for Christmas is to f*ck her all day long in front of the roaring fire
Except I can’t shake my guilt
I’ll do everything I can to make up for what I did to her
Because there’s no way I’m losing her now
We're making this baby the old-fashioned way.
With my billions, I’ll pay whatever it takes for her to have my child.
And I’m going to have fun putting it in her.
After the baby’s born, she can go back to her regular life.
But the way she screams my name in bed makes me want more.
For the first time in years I want an actual relationship.
Until I realize there’s something she’s not telling me.
A secret from the past.
And her plan to ruin everything.
No way will I let anyone else buy her v card

I’m her boss but Kiki hates me. She says I’m the reason she’s selling her virginity in the first place.
Whenever I’m around her I feel emotions I’ve never felt before. I’m falling for her... hard.
As the curtain rises for the auction Kiki’s on stage, her big green eyes betraying her vulnerability.
I can’t take anymore, I have to have her. All of her.
I win Kiki for the night, but she doesn’t want to sell her virginity to me.
The old me wouldn’t care, I always get what I paid for but with her it’s different.
My heart belongs to Kiki and I’ll be damned if I let her get away.
She’s got my name written on her, she belongs to me.

I’m wallowing in my PTSD and toasting my army buddies who didn’t make it home when I notice this insanely hot chick all alone in the bar.
Before long she’s wrapped in my arms back at my studio.
She only sees me as a bit of rough for the night but after one taste I want more.
Being a naughty girl for once in her life, she begs me to tattoo her. Fine by me.
I doubt she’ll remember me in the morning, so I tattoo my name on her ass.
Cybil takes off without giving me her number, but I’ll find her.
She’s mine now, she belongs to me.
She is claimed.
Whether she wants to be or not.
My feisty neighbor confronts me on the street, accusing me of spying on her with my telescope.

If only I’d known I could’ve been watching her in her bedroom, I hate a missed opportunity.
But I’m not about to let this beauty past me now.
Her curves are calling out to be touched by me.
Turns out she’s working for my ex and will try to stand between me and what’s rightfully mine.
She can try all she wants, I always take what I want.
And right now, I want her.
Someone for everyone is bull$hit.

Me a best man? No f*cking thanks but I’ll keep it up until I can stop the wedding.
Then Callie the wedding planner turns up, all smiles and enthusiasm.
Who does she think she is, trying to make people’s dreams come true?
Happy ever after isn’t going to happen.
I don’t care how hard she makes me, I’m going to make this wedding job hard for her.
But I can’t stop looking at her big eyes and her even bigger a$$.
She says she hates me but that won’t stop me from getting her naked.
And when I have her under me, quivering as she yells my name?
Maybe I’ll start believing in love.
At least until our secrets come out.