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Peri Elizabeth Scott - book author

Peri Elizabeth Scott is the author of books: Nothing in My Heart, The Tattered Bride, Making It Up To Maggie (Acts of Contrition, #1), Ruler's Concubine, Overheard, Shelter: The Reckoning, A Far Cry from Home, Nothing Else Matters (Romance on the Go Book 0), Begging Briana (Acts of Contrition, #2), Full Circle

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Harrison finds another man, albeit alone, in his girlfriend's bed. He is blinded by instant, jealous rage, influenced by his father’s misogynistic teachings. He won’t listen to Maggie’s explanation.

Harrison's secretary then meddles in his affairs, effectively driving Maggie away with a vengeance. She can’t believe he would stoop so low, but the evidence seems irrefutable. Harrison discovers the secretary's perfidy and tries to remedy the situation, and then he finds out Maggie is pregnant.

Determined to win her back, Harrison does his best to provide and care for her from a distance while trying to insinuate himself back into her life. Maggie is hurt and bewildered, worried Harrison now wants her only because she carries his child. Harrison’s world again spins out of control, and he wonders if he is the best man for Maggie and their child after all! Maggie must then teach Harrison his real worth.
Meridia is headed for extinction, unless a compatible species can be found. The backward planet, Earth, the one the Meridians stripped of technology now holds the only promising species in the Galaxy. As Ruler, Lysett Daboort will do his duty and choose a royal concubine from those women ‘liberated’ from Earth, but that is all it will be—until he meets Celeste Raynor.

Celeste is barely subsisting on Earth and isn’t enamored with becoming one of Meridia’s concubines, despite the esteem afforded their females. But there is nothing left for her at home and she isn’t averse to having a child to love, not to mention a caring, supportive partner. Until she meets the Ruler himself.

The Ruler resists Celeste’s appeal and she refuses his arrogant approach, yet they must somehow come to terms. Lysett rules supreme, or does he? Because love has the most power of all.
Caleb Younger is certain he will never actually love any woman, having been badly burned in the past because of so-called love. He believes he’s fond of Briana Jeffries, has intense sexual feelings for her, and wants her in his life, but doesn’t love her. When he says as much while amongst their friends, she is both humiliated and devastated, and finally accepts she’s been fooling herself, believing Caleb simply incapable of expressing his deeper emotions. She leaves him to get on with her life, grateful she has a good friend who shelters her during her grief. Finding Briana gone, and his life empty, Caleb faces the truth. He loves Briana more than anything, and resorts to everything to get her back. But Briana’s friend doesn’t want Briana hurt again and conspires to keep the two apart. A series of events and coincidences play out, giving Caleb the opportunity to beg Briana to take him back.
Heath abandoned Ellie Scott thirteen years ago, disgusted and betrayed. He’s now reluctantly back for his father’s—count ‘em—fourth wedding because he promised his little sister. Mia wants him to make up with their dad—and she’s never stopped talking about Ellie.

Ellie never got over Heath Granger. She had no idea why he left, only that it cut to the bone. She’s doing the flowers for his father’s wedding so they are bound to meet.

Thrown together again, Ellie learns why Heath abandoned her. Like father, like son, except she quite likes Mr. Granger. Heath, not so much, considering how quick he was to believe a lie—and think the worst of her.

Faced with the truth, Heath is terribly ashamed of his actions. He can walk away again, or man up and make amends. But will Ellie forgive and forget? Will they come full circle?