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Rachel Burns is the author of books: A Sick Thief: A Christmas Story, Mafia Bride, Alien Daddy, Class Trip, Christmas Captive, Daddy's Little Princess, The Most Beautiful Girl In The World, Sweet Daddy Part 1: An Adult Age Play Novella, Where The Clouds Touch The Earth, Sugar Daddy

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Valentine's Weekend:
Gina gets asked by her friends from college how she is going to spend Valentine's Day. She evades answering them, but they continue to ask. She lies to them, keeping her real plans a secret. The truth is that she got hired to work for that evening. In fact, she gets to work the entire weekend.
A man is looking for a little girl he can spoil on that special day. He’s paid for the whole weekend, but he made it clear that he wants to partake in Age Play.
Gina needs the money so she agrees, knowing that she might end up with a strict daddy who could leave her behind very sore.
She has never had a blind date with a daddy before, and she isn't sure how she should act.
Gina looks up everything she can find about Adult Age Play on the net. She is unsure if this is right for her, but she has already told her boss that she wants the job. It's too late to back out now.
She convinces herself that nothing bad can happen in the short span of a weekend. She'll go, gain some experience in the Adult Age Play genre and see how she feels about it. If it isn't for her, she'll tell her boss that she won't pretend to be a little girl anymore.
With that attitude, she leaves her apartment and catches a cab that will take her to her Valentine's weekend job.

Note: This novella contains all sorts of Adult Age Play goodies: pretty nightgowns the flare out when Gina twirls around, a sensual massage to ease tight little girl muscles, as well as diapering little Gina, even though she refuses to go in them, because she is way too big for that. It also contains spankings when little Gina gets a bit fussy. Don’t worry, she doesn’t have anything that a sound spanking and nap can’t cure.
Warning: This story contains explicit sexual scenes.

This erotic Adult Age Play novella is intended strictly for an ADULT AUDIENCE.

Ages 18 and up.