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Chris Lowry is the author of books: Battlefield Z (Battlefield Z, #1), Beachhead: Invasion Earth, Battlefield Z The Collected Adventures: Volume One (Battlefield Z series), Children's Brigade (Battlefield Z, #2), Outcast Zombie (Battlefield Z, #7), Flyover Zombie, Sweet Home Zombie (Battlefield Z, #3), Moon Men: A Science Fiction Comedy, Bridgehead: Invasion Earth, Battlefield Z The Collected Adventures: Volume 2

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Fans of post-apocalyptic science fiction and zombie movies are going to love this sci fi comedy with a little bit of heart.

After the world collapses when a zombie plague sweeps the nation, a three time father has two choices. Stay hiding in his house or go hunt for his children with their mother and step-father just to make sure they're safe.

How tragic would it be if you had no idea what happened to your kids when a disaster occurred? No amount of survivalist training can prepare you for a break down in society when all the tools we use to stay in touch are no longer available.

When Dad decides to take off from Florida to Arkansas to check on the safety of his children, he discovers Z aren't the only awful things left in the world. The survivors are just as ruthless, just as deadly and the only way to really survive is with off the cuff gallows humor.

Fast paced with laugh out loud moments and maybe even a sniffle or two this book would be good for fans of Harry Dresden, even if there are walking dead involved.

This is the first in a series of six books about a Dad's hunt for his kids and answers after the end of the world. If you head over to, you can sign up for a free sci fi novel and get all the latest release details
Post-apocalypse USA

Zombies invade America. They don't know why it happened, or how, but five weeks after the Zombie apocalypse turned the American landscape into a dystopian world where the walking dead aren't the worst of the problems, a distraught father takes to the road to hunt for his missing children.

No way to communicate.
No way to know who survived.
And the only way to last through the day is with gallows humor and an unbending will to survive.

In Battlefield Z, he led them from Florida, but only half survived.

Now it's part two. The Survivors split up and he's one state closer to home when he gets an SOS he has to answer.

In a world where all the first responders died trying to save everyone else, the reluctant hero can turn his back on his friends or turn back to and delay his quest just a little longer.

Save the world or watch it burn.

This action packed sequel to Battlefield Z is part two in the gripping new series that will keep you flipping pages to the exciting end.
Fans of The Walking Dead and Zombie movies will smile as they recognize the references and any parent would wonder how they would react if the same happened to them.

The world is taken over by Z after an Armageddon. Your family is missing and you have no survivalist training. What would you do?
His kids are held ransom.
His mission to save someone else.
He's got no weapons, no shoes and an attitude fueled by rage.
Guess who's back.

The Dad from the post apocalyptic sci fi comedy series is thrilling readers with his never say die approach to saving everybody. But when the mission turns impossible, he has to reach out for help.

That ain't easy for a fellow used to going it alone.

But he's going to have to learn if he wants to survive and quit working like an outcast.

Book seven in the series that readers call "addicting" and "Can't wait for the next one."

Grab your copy and join the adventure today.
End of Days. The Zombie Plague swept the nation but a fast thinking leader in California took charge and built a wall on the Rockies and Appalachian mountains. It blocked off the middle of America, but contained most of the virus that turned the world upside down.

The middle is a wasteland. No one goes in, no one flies over. Everything is rationed in the cities struggling to support millions of refugees. Martial law controls their lives.

But when that leaders daughter goes down in a plane, he breaks all the rules to get her back. He assembles a team and send them to get her, and when they go missing, he works the black market to hire mercs to do his bidding even if it costs him everything the survivors have left.

Flyover Zombie is the first book in a series about the survivors of a post apocalyptic dystopia. Fans of zombies will love this book in a new series set in the world leftover after Battlefield Z. Join the adventure and get extra free books when you Look Inside.

A million zombies between a Dad and his kids. He’s gonna need a bigger blade.

After escaping Georgia with the group, the hunt is on for a safe place to build a fort and hide out until someone finds a cure for the Z plague that turned America into a post-apocalyptic badlands.

But before they can find safety, they encounter the first rebuilt society, a redneck enclave protected by a hillbilly army behind the walls of the Talladega Speedway. Our hero is tasked with the labors of Hercules to ransom the freedom of his group and protect the survivors of his second family before anyone will let him continue the hunt for his kid.

Dixie mafia. Armed militants. New faces and tragic death conspire against a man with severe anger issues and a burning desire to save his lost children.

In Battlefield Z, they barely escaped Florida.

In Children’s Brigade, they raced across Georgia chased by evil.

In Sweet Home Zombie, a hillbilly army rise up in an epic effort to stop them.

Join the series that readers have reviewed as:
“Fast paced”
“My new Top Ten”

Visit to grab your free copy of the novel that started it all, Battlefield Z and get updates on the January release of Zombie Blues Highway and Big Easy Zombie, the next two installments in the series.

When amateur astronomer Rob Crow discovers aliens converging on Earth, he's kidnapped by a government agent to protect him from a rogue agency element who wants war with the invaders. Rob and Jodi travel across the country, hunted by aliens and soldier's in an ill fated attempt to launch a shuttle in the hopes of brokering a peace deal. Hunted, haunted and hated the duo must do everything they can to reach the Moon Men and save the world.