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Post-apocalypse USA

Zombies invade America. They don't know why it happened, or how, but five weeks after the Zombie apocalypse turned the American landscape into a dystopian world where the walking dead aren't the worst of the problems, a distraught father takes to the road to hunt for his missing children.

No way to communicate.
No way to know who survived.
And the only way to last through the day is with gallows humor and an unbending will to survive.

In Battlefield Z, he led them from Florida, but only half survived.

Now it's part two. The Survivors split up and he's one state closer to home when he gets an SOS he has to answer.

In a world where all the first responders died trying to save everyone else, the reluctant hero can turn his back on his friends or turn back to and delay his quest just a little longer.

Save the world or watch it burn.

This action packed sequel to Battlefield Z is part two in the gripping new series that will keep you flipping pages to the exciting end.
Fans of The Walking Dead and Zombie movies will smile as they recognize the references and any parent would wonder how they would react if the same happened to them.

The world is taken over by Z after an Armageddon. Your family is missing and you have no survivalist training. What would you do?

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Children's Brigade (Battlefield Z, #2) by Chris Lowry audiobook

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Children's Brigade (Battlefield Z, #2) ebook download free

Children's Brigade (Battlefield Z, #2) audiobook download free