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A million zombies between a Dad and his kids. He’s gonna need a bigger blade.

After escaping Georgia with the group, the hunt is on for a safe place to build a fort and hide out until someone finds a cure for the Z plague that turned America into a post-apocalyptic badlands.

But before they can find safety, they encounter the first rebuilt society, a redneck enclave protected by a hillbilly army behind the walls of the Talladega Speedway. Our hero is tasked with the labors of Hercules to ransom the freedom of his group and protect the survivors of his second family before anyone will let him continue the hunt for his kid.

Dixie mafia. Armed militants. New faces and tragic death conspire against a man with severe anger issues and a burning desire to save his lost children.

In Battlefield Z, they barely escaped Florida.

In Children’s Brigade, they raced across Georgia chased by evil.

In Sweet Home Zombie, a hillbilly army rise up in an epic effort to stop them.

Join the series that readers have reviewed as:
“Fast paced”
“My new Top Ten”

Visit to grab your free copy of the novel that started it all, Battlefield Z and get updates on the January release of Zombie Blues Highway and Big Easy Zombie, the next two installments in the series.

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Sweet Home Zombie (Battlefield Z, #3) by Chris Lowry audiobook

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Chris Lowry

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Sweet Home Zombie (Battlefield Z, #3) ebook download free

Sweet Home Zombie (Battlefield Z, #3) audiobook download free