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End of Days. The Zombie Plague swept the nation but a fast thinking leader in California took charge and built a wall on the Rockies and Appalachian mountains. It blocked off the middle of America, but contained most of the virus that turned the world upside down.

The middle is a wasteland. No one goes in, no one flies over. Everything is rationed in the cities struggling to support millions of refugees. Martial law controls their lives.

But when that leaders daughter goes down in a plane, he breaks all the rules to get her back. He assembles a team and send them to get her, and when they go missing, he works the black market to hire mercs to do his bidding even if it costs him everything the survivors have left.

Flyover Zombie is the first book in a series about the survivors of a post apocalyptic dystopia. Fans of zombies will love this book in a new series set in the world leftover after Battlefield Z. Join the adventure and get extra free books when you Look Inside.

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Flyover Zombie (Battlefield Z #10) by Chris Lowry audiobook

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Flyover Zombie (Battlefield Z #10) ebook download free

Flyover Zombie (Battlefield Z #10) audiobook download free