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Trigger warning: Captive victim, Stockholm syndrome, kidnapping, abuse.

Stolen. Kidnapped. Taken.
He snatched me off the street, ending my dream of becoming a dancer.
Now, I'm locked away in a mansion with girls who've met the same fate.

My captor is always rough, rarely kind.
He punishes me for every little mistake.
He's training me. Preparing me. Getting me ready.

Slowly, my body is starting to break. Obey. Bend to his will.
Time's ticking. My body is learning to submit.
I've almost stopped fighting. Almost given in.

Still, the promise of something darker hangs in the air.
The real monster is lurking.
And soon, he will come for me.

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Blood Red Rose (Rose and Thorn, #1) by Fawn Bailey audiobook

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Fawn Bailey

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Blood Red Rose (Rose and Thorn, #1) ebook download free

Blood Red Rose (Rose and Thorn, #1) audiobook download free