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He came to me when I was most vulnerable. He was someone I was supposed to trust. I learned from a young age that monsters are real. He used and abused me until one day he finally let me go. I was free. Free to live and to love.

This is a story about a young girl who was sexually abused as a child by someone she trusted. She managed to survive her ordeal and was finally set free at 18. Alone in the world, she showed her resilience and managed to begin to thrive. She met a young man around her age. He gave her hope. But just when she thought that love might actually be within her reach, everything comes crashing down and she's left alone and broken. But she doesn't give up.

Authors Note: This story deals with the sensitive subject matter of child sexual abuse and trauma. Reader discretion advised. 18+

Author's Note: This is a standalone novel that combines two previously published works - Blue Skye, the first book of the blue duet novella, and Blue Teardrops, the second book of the blue duet novella. It also contains some expanded chapters.

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Blue Skye:  My Story by Skye Bailey audiobook

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Blue Skye: My Story audiobook download free