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Enjoy 3 Steamy Standalone Christmas Shifter Romance Novellas while bundled up with your warm hot chocolate this snowy Holiday Season!

Book 1: A Dragon's Christmas

Frankie Peters can’t wait to get home for Christmas even if her mom will insist on calling her Francine. She’d be even more excited if she weren’t worried about how the new beast inside her will react to the close quarters and tons of people. She needs her family, but she’s afraid of the monster she’s become.

When she gets buried in a snowdrift during the blizzard on the way, a stranger comes to her rescue - a gorgeous, dragon shifter. Atticus gets her car back on the road and teaches her a little about how to tame her beast. He seems at loose ends, and says he’ll keep mentoring her, so she invites him home.

The trouble is, she wants Atticus for much more than a mentor and doesn’t know how to tell him. Is it too much to hope for a Christmas miracle that puts all the messed-up parts of her life together?

Book 2: A Polar Bear Christmas

As the only human in a long line of beautiful and proud reindeer shifters, Holly Carter has borne contempt and abuse from her family for years. She avoids the cutesy Christmas enclave they’ve built whenever she can, but somehow her mother always convinces her to come home for the holidays.

This year, though, she meets Claus, a polar bear shifter from a crime conglomerate looking to shake down one of her cousins. When Holly and Claus concoct a fake relationship that will get Holly protection and Claus access to his target, they don’t expect it to go anywhere. But the relationship soon feels more real than fake. It would be perfect if only Holly weren’t convinced she’s not worthy to mate a shifter and Claus weren’t convinced that he’s got too much blood on his hands to mate to any woman.

Can Holly and Claus convince each other of their true value in time to salvage their bond?

Book 3: A Snow Leopard's Christmas

Ellie was just looking for a normal holiday. She had planned to spend it with her family. Her mother, father and her baby boy, Casper. When Nolan showed up, things took a turn for the worst. She couldn't believe him. Why would he return after all these years? She didn't need him then, and she doesn't need him now. Though, she had to admit. Casper and Nolan seemed to get along together really well...

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A Shifter's Christmas; Boxset (Shifter's Christmas, #1 To #3) by Emilia Hartley audiobook

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A Shifter's Christmas; Boxset (Shifter's Christmas, #1 To #3) ebook download free

A Shifter's Christmas; Boxset (Shifter's Christmas, #1 To #3) audiobook download free